Note: these fees apply to the great majority of "typical" situations.
In unusual situations higher fees may be charged, but only by prior arrangement.

Living Trust "Package"
(includes trust declaration; certification of trust; pour over will(s); durable power(s) of attorney; advance health care directive(s); deed conveying one parcel of Calif. property to trust (additional parcels at $150 each)). 

    Individual: $1,775
    Married Couple (both): $2,450

Trust Will "Package"
(includes trust will(s), durable power(s)of attorney; health care directive(s))
: $1,475
    Married Couple (both): $1,925

Non-trust Will "Package"
(includes simple will(s), durable power(s) of attorney; health care directive(s))
    Individual: $825
    Married Couple (both): $1,075

Trust Will(s)
(wills which provide for the creation of a trust - for estate tax saving purposes or
the support of minors, for example - after death)
    Individual: $1,175
    Married Couple (both): $1,575

Non-trust Will(s)
:  $575
    Married Couple (both):  $800

Durable Power(s) of Attorney
    Individual:  $325
    Married Couple (both):  $450

Advance Health Care Directive
    Individual:  $225
    Married Couple (both):  $375

There is no charge for the initial consultation (not including review of existing documentation for adequacy to client's needs). On direction to proceed with document preparation, an amount equal to of 2/3 of the total fee or $500, whichever is smaller, is payable. The balance is payable when the documents are signed or 60 days after drafts are provided, whichever is sooner.

(Effective 9/1/2018; fees subject to change)

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